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Regarding DNN 7.0


Dear Team,

I am using DotNetNuke_Community_04.09.05_Source. Also i want to use 7.1.0 - Source Code (New Install + Source Code), but as i download source code, there is no bin folder.

Other download of me which do not have any bin folder are :

DotNetNuke_Community_05.06.05_Source [No Bin folder] [Having only 2 dll's in bin folder]

1) Please suggest whether i am using wrong dowload or its ok.

2) Also suggest whether 7.0.1 works in my enviroment or not :

VS2008/ IIS V5.1/ Sql 2008/SQL 2012 /

3) Please share some useful pdf or User Manual regarding this.

Vineet Yadav